What we do that is different.

It’s difficult to answer someone when they ask about what we do that is different. They also say a picture is worth a thousands words. This a DoorKing 9100 on an elevated concrete slab in a residential community in Coconut Grove. This install just went through hurricane Irma.

Crazy Colors

Kampong in the Grove
The Kampong in the Grove

This is a ten year old Door King 9100 gate operator. Our customer, The Kampong in the Grove, the location of the former winter home of Dr. David Fairchild, needed an updated but budget priced gate operator. We had just the thing. This location is a great place for a former high traffic gate operator to retire. The 9100 can pull and push the heavy steel gate with no problem. We installed a new main shaft,  new bearings, new belt and a surge suppressor. This operator will last a long time. One of the things we wanted to do was give it a new finish. So before overhauling we stripped it down and had it powder coated this cool red color to match the iron work at the Kampong. It’s almost iridescent. 


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Some custom stuff…………

Viking X-9 Mounted 75.jpg
In house fabricated custom bracket.

Lots of times gate operators need to be installed in such a way that was not planned for by the manufacturer. The equipment is engineered for a wide range of installations. Those plans don’t always cover the situation at hand. In this case the customer had very intricate, electrostatic coated gates that we didn’t want to attach the gate operators to. The installation required custom brackets.

Gate opened to almost 110 degrees. Note position of arm.
Gate opened to almost 110 degrees. Note position of arm.

You can see how the bracket allows clearance for the screen on the fixed panel.


Gates from outside. Privacy screen did not need to be butchered to fit around operators.
Gates from outside. Privacy screen did not need to be butchered to fit around operators.

We also manufacture our own goose necks. This one has been lengthened to accommodate the fixed panels and the extra reach. The DoorKing 1812 Classic was also powder coated to match the gooseneck and ad life to the housing due to the close proximity to Biscayne Bay. The last picture you can zoom in on.


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Meet MGO

My son Florian decided we needed a mascot. So, with the help of my friend Wen- Jumeet MGO.

MGO NO background


Wen-Ju is a Miami based BFA grad from FIU. I had the pleasure of meeting her while taking classes there. Wen-Ju had the honor of having her work selected for the Frost Museum purchase award during her participation in her classes BFA show held there.


Wen Ju working her ass off at the Wynwood art market next to Wood Tavern.

I consider myself lucky to know her and to have her create artwork for Miami Gate Operator. You should check out her work and get a hold of it before the prices become untouchable! She can be found easy enough in Wynwood most art market weekends next to the Wood Tavern


March is almost gone!

This month has slid past faster than a bare foot rabbit on a greasy griddle………..

For this before and after we’re looking at a barrier arm.

Check out those cool junction boxes. The interesting angles create an excellent composition.

DC Barrier Arm Before
Ol Sad Sack



This is a custom rebuilt barrier arm unit we used to replace the old equipment. Custom Hi Viz powder coating. Still have to move that conduit popping up in back but this is still miles ahead of what they had.

New Happy Sack
New Happy Sack


The rocket scientists that had installed the original equipment had used plumbing PVC. Nope! Not the right stuff. Had to break up the concrete to get to the plumbing els. Could not re-pull wires to replace the ROMEX they had installed.

Plumbing fittings??
Plumbing fittings??


New custom bent sweeps.

Notice gray hue? Electrical stuff.
Notice gray hue? Electrical stuff.


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