DoorKing 1812 Access Plus

DoorKing 1812 Access Plus Flush Mount entry system installed on pedestrian gate

I have been installing DoorKing residential telephone entry systems for over 22 years now. They’ve changed a lot over all those years! The newest model is the 1812 Access Plus or 1812 A+. There are many differences between the previous models, but the most notable are these:

  • Ethernet ready: Local or remote programming over the internet. Supports DynamicDNS services.
  • Five digit entry codes only
  • Holds set from keypad cannot be released by phone.
  • Holds set by phone cannot be released by keypad
  • Strike time tone fixed to one second.
  • Expandable to a total of six relays.
  • All six relays can be assigned “tone-open” numbers!
  • RS-485, three wire network for linking additional Card readers, radio receivers and weigand devices.
  • Lighted Call Button.
  • 27 preprogrammed phone number calling.
  • Super-nice synthetic dialtone for No-phone line applications

I’ve mixed the features I like with some I don’t. I liked being able to release holds. I guess most people didn’t. I think one thing that struck me most odd about this product is that it’s not backward compatible to older models. The entry codes are fixed at five digits. If you’ve got plans to upgrade a single entry system in a multiple system setup, be warned, you may need to prepare the customer for replacing all of them. I feel that one  thing lacking on this unit would be some kind of web interface. There is none. So if you think it would be cool to control your gate from an iPhone,  like I would, this product won’t do it.

If you’ve got a Mac, Forget it. The software is Windows only.

This post also reminds me that I shouldn’t have given away my camera in favor of my iPhone.  The Iphone takes lousy pictures!