Meet MGO

My son Florian decided we needed a mascot. So, with the help of my friend Wen- Jumeet MGO.

MGO NO background


Wen-Ju is a Miami based BFA grad from FIU. I had the pleasure of meeting her while taking classes there. Wen-Ju had the honor of having her work selected for the Frost Museum purchase award during her participation in her classes BFA show held there.


Wen Ju working her ass off at the Wynwood art market next to Wood Tavern.

I consider myself lucky to know her and to have her create artwork for Miami Gate Operator. You should check out her work and get a hold of it before the prices become untouchable! She can be found easy enough in Wynwood most art market weekends next to the Wood Tavern


Special projects

Sometimes jobs aren’t straight forward; the grade, or the topography doesn’t allow for a direct install. This customer has a chain link gate and a raised driveway. They also had a raised electrical junction box that their dogs kept running into. We replaced their converted garage door opener with a UL325 Door King 9050 Slide gate operator on a poured concrete slab. We also poured a concrete column around the existing electrical to keep the dogs away. With their new Door King 1812 Classic telephone entry they are all set. We also Installed free exit and reversing loops in their poured concrete driveway to allow for a fully automatic system with Banner beam for pedestrian traffic.

Elevated Door King 9050 gate operator.
Elevated Door King 9050 gate operator or “Look Ma, no conduits!”