The Red gate operator update.

For whatever reason we hadn’t heard from a customer in a long time. Could have been  budget issues or a change of management, not sure.  I went by the customer and noted that they had removed the Red Doorking operator that we had installed. I noticed that is was still onsite and sitting off to the side getting buried in the accumulating banyan leaves. I asked what was up with it.  The main thing was that they said I could have it. So, almost five years to the day after installing it I loaded it into my truck and brought it back to the shop. I washed it down and wired it up and it worked.

The red operator DoorKing 9100 – June 2015
The Red Doorking 9100 -June 2020

The red powder coat looks like it was just done. Only thing wrong I believe was that the chain was rusted.  This was installed next to Biscayne Bay close to salt air and was supposed to have been lubricated regularly. I can guarantee that this gate operator, as old as it is, is better than most newly manufactured operators on the market.

Been a long while………

Decided to add a quick post. Haven’t updated for a while. We’ve been trying new things and adding to our arsenal.  We worked with a fiber installer in the Keys and finished a combination DoorBird/Doorking access control job including Doorking 9100 biparting gate operators.

DoorBird Video Call station. Heavy Duty Salt tolerant. Long range reader attached to Doorking 1838

Our next IP door station installation included actually doing the fiber ourselves. We pulled  500 ft of single mode corning fiber for a BFT video call station. No video lag and instantaneous connection.

Fiber splicing in the field.
BFT Video call station