The loooong season.

We get a lot of questions regarding gate handling during a hurricane situation.

The main one is “What do we do with our gates during a hurricane?”

There is only one right answer: “Do what works for you and hope for the best.”

Maybe we can help you make the best decision.

You need to balance security, with liability and with ability.

Not everyone can take down their gates and store them. Not many want to leave their property open especially during a natural event that they have no control over.

My first suggestion is, remove the gates and store. The second suggestion “for me” would be store slide gates in an open position secured and swing gates in a closed position secured. My last suggestion would be to secure swing gates in an open position secured and slide gates in a closed position secured. Remember, “Securing” is very subjective. I can’t tell what is best for your situation; ratchet straps, chains, cables, tie downs, nuts and bolts, steel or wood?

Putting the gates in storage leaves a property open. Depending on the storage location, it is possible that the location may become damaged.

Securing closed, leaves the possibility of the gates being damaged in a closed position making access difficult.

Leaving open but secured means leaving the property open with the gates vulnerable to damage.

There is always a possibility of gates wind loading and becoming airborne depending on gate installation, wind conditions and securing method.

The bottom line is there is no one situation that is the same and all will require determining what works for you.

I will say that the best gates I have ever installed were designed, engineered and fabricated and included inherent design qualities that took into account hurricane issues.

However you handle it, be safe.