About us

Miami Gate Operator Company is a full service gate automation company. We have over 22 years of experience in the field of Gate Operators, Access Control and Discrete Electronics Design.

Miami Gate Operator Company was incorporated in 1995 and has steadily accumulated some of the most discriminating clients. We provide turnkey solutions for customers who demand the best.

Miami Gate Operator Company can currently provide the following services

  • Portable welding: GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (MIG) of Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Copper and Bronze.
  • Prototyping and fabrication of structural and mechanical assemblies.
  • Service Contracts
  • Consulting
  • Network  and IP based command and control systems
  • Telephone and network cabling.
  • Integrity
  • We used to recommend alternative service providers. We don’t do that any more with the exception of Al Izquierdo. We don’t specialize in some areas because we want to concentrate on providing the best access control and gate operator maintenance and installation.

Miami Gate Operator is:

Gustavo Aloma – Installer/technician. Gus began at Miami Gate Operator in 2007, working directly with John McClelland in order to learn the gate operator and access control business from the bottom up. He has previous experience working in customer service and has developed a reputation for setting the bar for our service excellence and excellent customer experience. There are some trains of thought that at 10,000 hrs you become an expert. Gus is the unassuming expert that never acts like he has all the answers. That characteristic makes him a great technician because he never assumes he knows exactly what a problem is going to be. He always carefully examines each issue as it’s own. Gus is proficient in both English and Spanish.

Mayra Ruiz – Mayra is the office manager at Miami Gate Operator. Mayra handles the office and will be the person taking most of the service calls. Mayra has been with Miami Gate Operator since 2009. Mayra is the backbone of Miami Gate Operator.   Mayra is proficient in both English and Spanish.

Antonio Smith Installer/ technician.  In his two years with Miami Gate Operator, Antonio has proven to be a fast learner and super hard worker. We feel very fortunate to have him with us. He is running the installation side of what we do. 

Paul McClelland – Paul had been with Miami Gate Operator since 2008. Paul has prior low voltage control experience working with renowned Miami based deep foundation contractor HJ Foundation. At HJ, Paul developed a reputation for being a problem solver and project supervisor. His deep drilling power units and equipment are still working and helping to drill some of the largest cast augered piles in the south east. Paul also is a sculptor, so he takes a lot of pride in making sure that all the work we do is  not just correctly done but is also aesthetically pleasing. He understands what it takes to make sure that we cover all the details. 

John McClelland – John is no longer involved in the day to day of Miami Gate Operator. He had worked in the field for over 20 years. John does though, still provide consulting expertise in the field of access control and gate operator service and installation for Miami Gate Operator.

In 2016 we expanded into garage door maintenance and garage door preventative maintenance. In Feb of 2017 we installed our first garage door. We also upgraded an existing customers extremely heavy 900lb single door two car garage to include emergency door stops.  We do not do new installs or maintenance except for existing gate customers at this time.  Something we have come to understand is that garage doors, just like gate systems, need continuous TLC.

Miami Gate Operator is very much aware of the satisfaction desired by its customers and strives to make our relationship one of trust. We hope that you feel the same way and know that you can contact us with that in mind. Anytime!