Internet Sales

It’s becoming  a big business for those who do it.

We don’t.


Because most Manufacturers want trained, licensed people installing their equipment.

If you’ve bought the following equipment online, understand that your warranty expired the minute you pushed the “buy” button:

We offer turn key solutions. We fully support the manufactures warranty from the day your product installation is complete. We also add our own 1 year labor warranty.

There is another added benefit to buying from a dealer like us. We’ve been around a long time and when you call we’re here. We have heard so many times about how a provider just “doesn’t answer the phone.” We do. We have been known to have a call go to voice mail but we do call back. Our phone number hasn’t changed in 20 years. Today, all calls go to a live person that works for Miami Gate Operator Co. If you call 305-275-9685 after hours and leave a message, one of us on call, will call you back.

We have pull with our suppliers. There have been many times where a warranty has “just expired” and we can get our suppliers to do us a favor.

Do us a favor and buy equipment from us. You’ll have our undivided attention from start to finish and then even when the warranty is through.