Video/Voice Call Stations – Telephone Entries

Telephone Switchboard

For residential and some commercial installations, telephone entries, call stations that use a telephone dial tone to communicate, are sort of going the way of the horse and buggy. More consumers are requesting smartphone accessible communication for visitors in the form of a networkable call station that provides a video feed as well and a communication ability. Call stations can also give the consumer the ability to remotely control an access point, vehicular or pedestrian.

After looking at several different systems, IPForce 2N, BFT, Doorbird and Ring to name a few, we have decided to go with the BFT and DoorBird Video/Voice call stations. We have found that of the app equipped systems, they seem to be the most versatile. We have finished several installations and are very happy with the results so far. Customers seem to be happy with the app and it’s ease of use for programming, camera access and gate opening and closing functions.

DoorBird seems to have one of the most comprehensive apps available.  There are no residual costs associated with the DoorBird equipment.

Door Bird Heavy Duty salt resistant. Keys Install

BFT offers a very robust unit as well. We have installed the BFT in some situations as they have several models and a different look. They offer a vertical as well as a horizontal option. BFT also has a terrific support system.

The BFT app is a lot simpler but not as extensive as the DoorBird. It seems to be quite reliable as well. There are no residual costs associated with the BFT equipment.

BFT Vertical Call Station with Video
BFT- Horizontal Call Station with Video

I had mentioned the residual costs because IP Force -2N has a yearly subscription fee. It’s not a lot, around $24. We tried the equipment and found the camera to be inferior but we were mainly against the idea of the residual charge.


We try to pay attention to the details.  One thing I’m always telling people is that a gate system should be an asset not a liability. When an investment is made and that investment is one of the first things a visitor will experience, it should be a good first impression. Not only should it be secure and reliable, it should look good. That is why we look not just at the big things but also at the small details.

Upper guide roller assembly- MGO Parts

This upper guide roller assembly is stainless steel and delrin. There is no steel to rust away and no bearings that need lubrication or replacement.  The anchors are stainless steel as well.

Arm Bracket-Stainless Elite Arm- MGO parts

Heilarc welded aluminum bracket with black powder coated custom stainless steel gate operator arm. The gates in these pictures are by Art’s Work Unlimited.  Art’s Work is the epitome of consummate ornamental metal workers.

Custom stainless steel arm- black powder coating -MGO parts.


Elite Gate Operator with Stainless Arms-MGO parts

Complete installation. Notice no exposed conduits or wiring of any kind.

Stainless Operator Mount with stainless anchors-MGO parts

Stainless Steel gate operator mount, stainless steel anchors and elevated concrete slab. The weird color is an anti-corrosion coating to protect the galvanized steel gate operator plate.

Big thanks to all our customers.

I just wanted to take a minute to post a thanks to all our customers who have been so patient with us since last September when Hurricane Irma struck. We have a big base throughout South Florida and a good portion of those customers are in the Florida Keys.

Even though it has been six months, we are still working overtime trying to get gate equipment repaired,  replaced and re-installed. We hope to restart our preventative maintenance program again very soon. It is the one thing that we have stopped completely for the duration so we can concentrate on getting customers up and running.

Again, a very big THANK YOU to all of you.


Coconut Grove
Upper Matecumbe
Lower Matecumbe
Somewhere in the Keys

What we do that is different.

It’s difficult to answer someone when they ask about what we do that is different. They also say a picture is worth a thousands words. This a DoorKing 9100 on an elevated concrete slab in a residential community in Coconut Grove. This install just went through hurricane Irma.

The reason we will not repair hurricane water damaged equipment.

Click on the pic above for a link to the web site.

We have to back up the services/repairs we perform. This includes equipment we have installed and equipment we have taken over to service. Water damage, especially salt water damage may not incapacitate a device immediately. What’s worse  is water damage can not only prevent the equipment from operating in the future, it can become a serious safety concern. That’s why will will not be performing repairs on equipment that has obviously been exposed to water. If your equipment has been submerged, even for just a few minutes during hurricane Irma we will be more than happy to give an estimate to replace.

All affected wiring should be checked by a licensed electrical professional before re-energizing.

Thank you.

Not all storm/water damage is this obvious. Irma 2017