Light weight Redux

Gates are built with different weights. That is, some gate fabricators build gates extremely heavy for security and durability. Some gates, due to aesthetics, budget constraints or other reasons like the fabricators suck, are built extremely light in weight. In these instances it is possible to over operate the gates with the wrong equipment. It doesn’t help that the installers do a bad job installing the equipment either.

These gates are of the light weight kind. As you can see the things are all bent out of plumb. Some semblance of thought was taken into mimicking the railings on the second story; colorwise and designwise.

Baum Before Outside

This is the inside view showing the Powermaster swing gate operators.

Baum Before Inside

Notice Kraken grappling with the side of the operator. These are trip hazards, gardeners nightmares etc. , not to mention just a plain mess. Limit adjustment is a pain in the neck and over traveling of the arms was a constant problem.

We decided to install light weight Liftmaster LA 400’s. These are the last of the old style LA 400’s as the new ones have an advanced circuit board and are black.

Baum After Inside

Baum gate mount

Baum Post Mounting bracket

We fabricated new custom mounting hardware, powder coated to match existing gate as close as possible and redesigned the gate to accept the new hardware. We got rid of all extraneous flex conduits in order to clean up the appearance and added a reversing beam to the system. Before, even though the system is push to open push the close without auto function, there were no reversing devises other than those built into the gate operator.

Baum  After Outside

We plumbed the gates and everything lined up almost perfectly.


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Some custom stuff…………

Viking X-9 Mounted 75.jpg
In house fabricated custom bracket.

Lots of times gate operators need to be installed in such a way that was not planned for by the manufacturer. The equipment is engineered for a wide range of installations. Those plans don’t always cover the situation at hand. In this case the customer had very intricate, electrostatic coated gates that we didn’t want to attach the gate operators to. The installation required custom brackets.

Gate opened to almost 110 degrees. Note position of arm.
Gate opened to almost 110 degrees. Note position of arm.

You can see how the bracket allows clearance for the screen on the fixed panel.


Gates from outside. Privacy screen did not need to be butchered to fit around operators.
Gates from outside. Privacy screen did not need to be butchered to fit around operators.

We also manufacture our own goose necks. This one has been lengthened to accommodate the fixed panels and the extra reach. The DoorKing 1812 Classic was also powder coated to match the gooseneck and ad life to the housing due to the close proximity to Biscayne Bay. The last picture you can zoom in on.


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Kraken takes a dive

The last post I did was related to the Octopi that we come across during visits to some of our customers.

Octopus attacking a Door King
Octopus attacking a Door King (Note the giant hole cut into the front of the operator cover?!?!)


Colossal Octopus (Kraken) by               Pierre Denys deMontfort


I thought I should follow that post up with how we dealt with the pictured Octopus at a recently completed job. The Door King above was installed in Jan 2013. The system had some inherent faults built in. Namely the installer  just dropped the operators on existing slabs and had used existing bad wiring and parts. We elected to reuse the operators since they were just a little over a year old but decided to completely re-install with new slabs and new wiring. We slayed the Kraken and this is what our customer got.

Slayed Kraken
Slayed Kraken

This is the same Door King gate operator. It was completely disassembled, repaired (giant hole that the installer had cut to pass through flex conduits even though Door Kings have knock outs), powder coated and rebuilt. We replumbed the installation, pulling all new wiring between operators and telephone entry. Because we knew what the customer was getting, we felt confident giving them an extended installation warranty of 1 year and continuance of the existing factory warranty on the equipment.

Can’t wait to see how it looks after the landscaping has recovered.

Bi Parting Door King Operators sans Kraken
Bi Parting Door King Operators sans Kraken

Octopuses, Octopi, and Octopodes

Octopi are probably one of my favorite invertebrates. Their intelligence and capabilities have made them one most interesting of the sea creatures  and has given them a long history with mythological proportions.

The Mythological Octopus
The Mythological Octopus

Sometimes when I’m out the field working on equipment I find these creatures lurking around gate operators that we haven’t installed. When I find them, they sort of freak me out because they are so unexpected.

Attach of the Octopus
Attack of the Octopus

Octopi are not limited to attacking Power Masters but they seem to be associated with a lot of Power Master installations. Recently we did come across one attacking a Door King!

Octopus attacking a Door King
Octopus attacking a Door King



Meet MGO

My son Florian decided we needed a mascot. So, with the help of my friend Wen- Jumeet MGO.

MGO NO background


Wen-Ju is a Miami based BFA grad from FIU. I had the pleasure of meeting her while taking classes there. Wen-Ju had the honor of having her work selected for the Frost Museum purchase award during her participation in her classes BFA show held there.


Wen Ju working her ass off at the Wynwood art market next to Wood Tavern.

I consider myself lucky to know her and to have her create artwork for Miami Gate Operator. You should check out her work and get a hold of it before the prices become untouchable! She can be found easy enough in Wynwood most art market weekends next to the Wood Tavern