End of the Week……….

Hope the weekend proves to be great!

The last post of the week is going to be a picture of one of the guys doing his thing!

Make sure you're comfortable!

Have and great weekend and may the best team ( the Saints) win.

Today was “Red Bull” Thursday…………………….

It’s become a new tradition lately to have a Red Bull after we have signed off on a new installation. Today was Red Bull day.

We started this job on Tuesday and finished late today. That Red Bull tasted sooooo good.

We shudder when we see these Power Master Operators

Power Master Operators are the WORST operators known to man. We hate them. We love to convert our customers to Viking or Doorking, depending on the application. We’ll work on Powermaster but it’s almost enough reason to celebrate when a customer agrees to let us perform an Operator-ectomy on them. We were contracted to install a couple of Viking X9’s.

Ahhhh another successful transplant.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hidden Art……………..

I do another blog where I show pictures of things I’m building and the inadvertent art that happens in the construction on the piece. I was thinking about how this was going to be a post of the piss poor workmanship that we encounter constantly in our daily work. It would be too easy to do that with the current project that we’ve undertaken.

What is this!

I figured that the composition of the picture was actually more interesting then this wiring disaster. We love fixing this kind of stuff.

New look………..

In the theme of new looks, we recently finished an upgrade for a new customer. A pair of worn out and poorly installed Door King linear actuators were replaced by some new Viking operators.

Out with the Old…………….
……….In with the New.

The new installation included moving the existing electrical onto the column and out of the way of people walking, weed eaters and lawn mowers.

If you are in need of an assessment of your equipment, operators and controls, please call 305.275.9685

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