Sy Syms “An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer.”

SY Syms

When I was a kid I remember Sy Syms and his daughter Marcy coming on the television in one of their possibly now, maybe not quite infamous TV spots saying things about clothing and then somewhere along the line adding their tagline  “An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer.” I doubt I really understood what that meant. I think I thought it was sort of a backwards slap in the face, kind of like a taunt. Like, you weren’t an educated consumer if you didn’t shop at Syms. Maybe you were a moron.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that in our business there are a lot of products that basically do the same thing; open and close gates. There is a problem though, most people don’t realize the differences in the equipment and the differences in the installation. I don’t think it’s a problem of being educated or not educated as much as it is a problem of being informed or not informed.

On January 16 of 2016, the powers that govern the gate operator manufacturing business and gate installation put into effect the latest UL 325 2016 which adds even more things to the suggested ‘Minimum” of the standard. See below


This may seem inconsequential but it’s something that we, as a reputable installer have to take into consideration. It’s true that this adds another layer of cost to the installation. Gate operators and access control I think, can be an asset, not just an additional convenience but a real asset that adds value to a residence or business. If done correctly they can add years of worry free service but also if done correctly and professionally with an eye on detail, they can add real value.

I want to think that when Miami Gate Operator does an installation or even a repair, we take into account the things we’ve learned about the equipment and the installation of that equipment and we do the best possible job.


March is almost gone!

This month has slid past faster than a bare foot rabbit on a greasy griddle………..

For this before and after we’re looking at a barrier arm.

Check out those cool junction boxes. The interesting angles create an excellent composition.

DC Barrier Arm Before
Ol Sad Sack



This is a custom rebuilt barrier arm unit we used to replace the old equipment. Custom Hi Viz powder coating. Still have to move that conduit popping up in back but this is still miles ahead of what they had.

New Happy Sack
New Happy Sack


The rocket scientists that had installed the original equipment had used plumbing PVC. Nope! Not the right stuff. Had to break up the concrete to get to the plumbing els. Could not re-pull wires to replace the ROMEX they had installed.

Plumbing fittings??
Plumbing fittings??


New custom bent sweeps.

Notice gray hue? Electrical stuff.
Notice gray hue? Electrical stuff.


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