Some custom stuff…………

Viking X-9 Mounted 75.jpg
In house fabricated custom bracket.

Lots of times gate operators need to be installed in such a way that was not planned for by the manufacturer. The equipment is engineered for a wide range of installations. Those plans don’t always cover the situation at hand. In this case the customer had very intricate, electrostatic coated gates that we didn’t want to attach the gate operators to. The installation required custom brackets.

Gate opened to almost 110 degrees. Note position of arm.
Gate opened to almost 110 degrees. Note position of arm.

You can see how the bracket allows clearance for the screen on the fixed panel.


Gates from outside. Privacy screen did not need to be butchered to fit around operators.
Gates from outside. Privacy screen did not need to be butchered to fit around operators.

We also manufacture our own goose necks. This one has been lengthened to accommodate the fixed panels and the extra reach. The DoorKing 1812 Classic was also powder coated to match the gooseneck and ad life to the housing due to the close proximity to Biscayne Bay. The last picture you can zoom in on.


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Red Bull Tuesday………………………..

Tuesday was Red Bull day.

LiftMaster LA400

We started and finished a new installation. It’s always a challenge to update an existing installation but a new install presents interesting issues of it’s own. This job had us installing a pair of LiftMaster LA 400’s. What’s neat about these operators is that they are 24 volt DC operated. That means that the operators can be powered off a low voltage circuit which requires less costly low voltage wiring. This system can also be converted to a solar power hookup at a later date. Although the customer here opted to go with an AC (home power fed) solution, updating to solar in the future would be no problem. IF you were considering solar from the start, we’d probably go with the LA412S option as it’s 12 volts DC and comes set up for solar right out of the box.

This customer had no available high voltage (110 volts AC) at the gate location. We were able to run a low voltage wire to the gate operator from a weather tight location on the outside of the house.

These linear actuators are very slim and almost disappear into the metal work of the gate. We also top mounted them in order to take advantage of the frame as a structural attachment point.

LiftMaster LA400

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Custom stuff…………….

We really like to get a challenge.

Mostly for us that involves fixing something that is broken, fixing something that no one else wants to fix or can fix or even fixing something that someone else has fixed to the point of being a disaster.

Another challenge for us is getting requests for custom items. We like to be able to be a little creative from time to time. Even if it is something simple like a gooseneck, telephone entry post.

In the future, if you need something fixed or want something fabricated from scratch, give us a call!

End of the Week……….

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Today was “Red Bull” Thursday…………………….

It’s become a new tradition lately to have a Red Bull after we have signed off on a new installation. Today was Red Bull day.

We started this job on Tuesday and finished late today. That Red Bull tasted sooooo good.

We shudder when we see these Power Master Operators

Power Master Operators are the WORST operators known to man. We hate them. We love to convert our customers to Viking or Doorking, depending on the application. We’ll work on Powermaster but it’s almost enough reason to celebrate when a customer agrees to let us perform an Operator-ectomy on them. We were contracted to install a couple of Viking X9’s.

Ahhhh another successful transplant.

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